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Dedicated with much love and gratitude to Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT,
founder and spiritual father of the Disciples of Jesus and Mary spiritual formation.

Clicking on the first line of each verse will take you to a blog post explaining that verse.

Introduction to poem and writing.
In a world of broken people
     You alone can make us whole.
Wounded hearts and minds and spirits,
     broken bodies, battered souls.
Come Lord Jesus to repair us,
     with Your gift of healing love.
Send Your Spirit to prepare us,
     for our home in heaven above.
For the earth is not our homeland,
     but a testing ground of faith.
Ever onward You implore us,
     as You fill us with Your Grace.
Give us strength to meet the challenge,
     that the world does but provide.
Let us see the spiritual battle,
     and from TRUTH, let us not hide.
Flesh will tell us to seek comfort.
     “We deserve it!  We work hard!”
Yet our spirits truly suffer,
     when the ‘self’ gets high regard.
Broken, to ‘The World’ means useless.
     “We must be strong, and never weak!”
But in contrast to this vision,
     brokenness is what You seek.
For when our human strength prevails,
     Pride and self-reliance grow.
We then forget that we are creatures,
    whom to God, due worship owe.

Blinded by success and praises,
     of our fellow man trek we.
Developing more innovations,
     from pain and death to be set free.
But peace cannot be found this way,
     nor will lasting joy be had.
Only temporary pleasures,
     self put first in a world gone mad.
Your call Dear Lord, is to something better,
     where peace and love and grace abound.
The soul united with its Master,
     this is where true joy is found.
You never said it would be easy,
     following Your footsteps here.
In fact You promised pain and sorrow;
     much suffering for those who persevere.
“No pain, No gain!”  You led the way,
     and showed the path we too must find.
Your saints remind us through example,
     on what to set our heart and mind.
“Take up your cross” You tell us still,
     in this is our salvation won.
Not by strength or mighty actions,
     but little things, done with great love.
For hidden in each loving gesture,
     and act of kindness done for you.
lie grace and healing; Divine compassion,
     and soon we see they help us too.
It’s through our service to one another
     that we be-come like You Lord.
Turning strangers into family,
    hearts and minds with one accord.
Building up our Father’s Kingdom,
     strengthening Christ’s Body too,
heart-to-heart, one soul to another,
     living as God tells us to.
Loving obedience to Your law Lord,
     submission to Your Holy Will,
this is where we discover freedom,
     in You we find our hearts are still.
True peace and love we find at last,
     and now we see with clarity.
You take us broken and make us whole,
     so shall we be, for all eternity!