I am an average, middle-aged wife and homemaker, mom and grandmother, from a small town in the Pacific Northwest who has been blessed to receive a spiritual conversion that truly changed my life.  I was raised Catholic and didn’t know that Catholics could have conversions. (Isn’t that just for those converting to Catholicism?)  I also didn’t know that God still speaks to His people. He does; and to each of us in ways that we can learn to understand.  Not only that, but we can talk with Him like we do a friend, and most amazingly, we can learn why He created us and what our purpose for being here is, according to the ‘plan’ He has for each of us as unique individuals.

Part of this process for me was discovering a wonderful spiritual formation program, or course of study (Disciples of Jesus & Mary), where I did learn to hear and talk with God.  It is based on the teaching of the Church along with the lives of the saints and is one of the most valuable things I have ever done.  Toward the end of the program I began having these insights that showed me how crazy ‘the world’ is because of secular influences, and because many of us live and behave as if God doesn’t exist.  I was also granted the huge grace of seeing how, in my own life, I had been walking on the path to destruction, and how, through a sincere change of heart I was able to say “Yes.”, to the Lord and allow Him to show me and guide me along the narrow path, the path to salvation.

The following poem is the result of these insights.  Truly the work of the Holy Spirit, the words simply bubbled up into my heart.  I offer it in the hope that it will speak to your heart.  I shared the poem with my spiritual director and he told me that poetry is ‘experience crystallized’.  I had not heard that before, but it was certainly true about this poem.  After reflecting on this for a while the idea came to me that I could explain each stanza of the poem, kind of like St. John of the Cross does.  My insights have more to do with ‘the signs of the times’ and how, although we seem to be so advanced, in many ways we are farther from God than ever, and also what we need in order to get on, and stay on, the right path.

My writing will explain one stanza at a time, sharing the gifts and lessons the Lord has packed into them, and what I see from the perspective of a woman who is in love with Jesus and on a deliberate path to serve Him according to my Plan Of Life (POL).  

I am a Catholic who is faithful to the magisterial teaching of the Holy Catholic Church, I write from this perspective and share my own experiences in the hope that they may be of help to others on the journey……for the Greater Glory of God and the salvation of souls!

The poem can be found here: Broken?