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Tending the Vineyard is an Oregon domestic nonprofit organization  with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status pending.

Our mission is to seek out the lost (those who are suffering from a variety of life issues that make it difficult to function on a day to day basis), and help them find healing. To accomplish this we have two primary goals:
  • provide mental health counseling services, specializing in the treatment of trauma.
  • Offering resources for inner healing and spiritual growth in the Catholic Christian tradition.
While we are a Catholic ministry, we fully believe in treating each individual with dignity and respect just as Jesus did and we do not restrict our services to Catholics. All are welcome.

Our name, Tending the Vineyard, comes from the Song of Songs in the Bible. The Song of Songs is a story of God's love for His people. Read individually, it is also describes the love God has for each individual soul. Chapter 1, verse 6 of the Song of Songs, says:

Do not stare at me because I am so black,
    because the sun has burned me.
The sons of my mother were angry with me;
    they charged me with the care of the vineyards:
    my own vineyard I did not take care of.

As I read this verse in the Spring of 2013, I realized that God was talking to me about my soul. I had been so busy taking care of everyone else in my life that I wasn't taking care of myself - my soul, or my vineyard. Later I realized that trauma in my childhood left me with a deep unconscious belief that I wasn't worth taking care of; so I didn't. Eventually I came to see that there are many others who are unable to tend their vineyards/souls, and that the Lord was giving me a way to help them. As we learn to tend our own soul/vineyard we heal and become stronger, which in turn makes the body of Christ (the larger vineyard of humanity) stronger as well.

Please browse our resources and feel free to contact me via the links below if you have questions or would like more information about a specific topic.

I pray for all visitors to this site every day and I invite you to consider the reality that God, the creator of everything, knows you intimately and desires that you know His tender, loving care and providence in your life.

May you be abundantly blessed!