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The mission of this site is to seek the lost and bind up the broken hearted. We strive to provide support, hope, reliable resources, and holy friendship to those who are hurting from mental, emotional, and/or spiritual issues: those seeking healing, sensing that they need God to find real and lasting help. 

Common reasons people are hurting:
  • Abortion - our own or that of family or friends.
  • Abuse - mental, physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, etc.
  • Mid-life crisis.
  • Desire to develop or deepen one's relationship with God but don't know where to start.
  • Divorce - Death - Other losses
  • Unhappy with life but don't know how to make things better.
  • Don't know God.
  • Feeling helpless, afraid, unloved, ect.

Tending the Vineyard is a safe place to share information, stories, experiences, - what we have learned from life and God, both good and bad, so we can learn and heal and grow together as members of the Body of Christ.  While you do not need to be Catholic to benefit from the information we share, we are a Catholic ministry and are faithful to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. 

Most of our resources are available without registering, but to join our discussion groups, prayer requests, or other interactive content requires creating a free user account. 

God Bless You!!